Social Security System Receded in Nicaraguan as Riots Led 26 Deaths

Social security system receded in Nicaraguan, as the President Daniel Ortega has recently announced the changes in the country’s system on Sunday night. So the system is going to be retreated, which provoked riots that proved to be the cause of more than 25 deaths since Wednesday across the country.

A thorough examination pursued to support the social security system of the country – Nicaragua along with the combined, increased taxes as well as reduced benefits. According to the country’s human rights groups, the clashes have led minimum 26 people to the death in a few days. Also, as more as tens of shops at the capital of the country, Managua were plundered.


One of demonstrators in thousands of number at the central rotunda, Mauri Hernandez said in in a statement that, “We are in the streets asking for Ortega and his wife to go. This has already gone beyond the social security issue. Here there have been dead, wounded, and he does not even apologize for his killings or the savage repression against the people.”

Among the major supporters to the protesters, Polytechnical University of Nicaragua did also shelter a large number of clashes. The suppression in oppose to the protesters was criticized by the Roman Catholic Conference of Bishops, Nicaragua. The conference also requested the government to hear and know the repression by protesters and regulate the changes in the social security.

“We condemn the violence and the excessive force used by police and others against civilians who are exercising their … right to freedom of expression and assembly,” said Heather Nauert, spokeswoman from the U.S. State Department.