Scientists Discovered Astonishing Southeast Asian Exploding Ants

Scientists discovered astonishing Southeast Asian exploding ants residing in the trees at the Borneo jungle. The ants are found to be showing their fascinating abilities that involve showering and exploding venomous yellowish goo while attacking the enemies.

However, these ants have the most effective and magnificent power as exploding, which can even kill their predators. Their ability of exploding is as sturdy as it may lead to explode the ant itself and attempt suicide. Such types of the exploding ants are very rare to be found.


But, the recently found ants, known as Colobopsis explodens is the discovery of the species which was seen in 1935 for the last time. The findings of the study have been disclosed in the Zookeys journal.

Laciny, PHD, said in a statement that, “They’re really nice to watch in their exploding behavior. They do it quite readily. We have some species who don’t really like to explode as much. These ants will not explode for any old reason. They only do it in response to attack, a form of active self-sacrifice that kills them. The ants need to really be provoked.”

The Colobopsis explodens are reddish in color and small in size, which were found by a research group at the treetops in Borneo. An entomologist, Alice Laciny from the Natural History Museum in Vienna was also involved in the team of associated research.

“Their way of protecting their genes is protecting their sisters,” Laciny added. “Imagine a single ant is like a cell in a human body. The exploding workers work as immune cells; they sacrifice their lives to hold off danger.”