Michigan counties facing Lyme disease hazards

Michigan counties facing Lyme disease hazards, those are including Livingston and Washtenaw counties. A 2018 map updated by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services shows both counties in red. It means there have been “at least two confirmed local exposures and animals with Lyme bacteria.”

Michigan-counties-facing-Lyme-disease-hazardsWayne and Oakland counties are listed at being at potential risk for Lyme disease, while the health department lists Macomb County with “negative tick sampling information. The western side of the state is most at risk, according to the map.

Nearly every county along the Lake Michigan coastline is listed in red. Ingham, Iosco, Livingston and Washtenaw are the only counties in eastern Michigan listed as red or with known risk for Lyme disease.

Lantto said the designation is based on a case from last summer. Lyme disease can be spread to humans by the bite or burrowing of a tick that has been infected. Ticks get the illness by biting infected deer, mice, birds, or domestic animals. It takes more than 24 hours to transmit the bacteria.

Lantto said there is no way to predict where an infected tick will be, but the county is full of the areas where they are typically found, which include parks, fields with tall grasses, and woods.

The safety measure can be taken including check yourself and your children after being outside to make sure you don’t have a tick attached,” Lantto said. Pets should also be checked. “If you are outside, wear long pants, socks and sleeves,” Lantto added.