Meet Intel chips which possess security feature

Meet Intel chips which possess security feature, the two features designed to improve the efficiency of computers running security programs that detect and block hackers. It is unveiled by the computer processor giant.

Meet-Intel-chips-which-possess-security-featureIntel outlined the features at the start of the RSA Conference. The first, called advanced memory scanning. It will be used in Advanced Threat Protection, a part of Microsoft’s Windows Defender that seeks out hard-to-detect attacks as they happen on a computer system.

The second Intel tool, called advanced platform telemetry, speeds up security programs that run on networking technology and will be used in a product called the Cisco Tetration Platform.

First pledge of Intel regarding security comes as the company recovers from a hit to its reputation after researchers discovered design flaws.

The company said it had finished releasing code that would fix a fundamental problem that could have allowed hackers to access sensitive information from your computer’s memory.

The flaws affected hundreds of millions of chips in devices made starting more than a decade ago. Now Intel is focusing on what it can do to make your computer safer.

“Today’s cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving with emerging threats, which means we must deliver solutions that protect customers and their data,” Rick Echevarria, vice president and software and services group general manager at Intel’s platform’s security division said.

Intel’s new features include a uniform framework for security on its chips, called Intel Security Essentials. More fundamental design changes will come in future Intel chips, such as Cascade Lake and the 8th Generation Intel Core processors.