Louisiana Health Department Indicates Confirmed Measles Attack In New Orleans Warning Unvaccinated Residents

Louisiana health department indicates confirmed measles attack recently detected in New Orleans, after a positive laboratory test on a person who recently traveled to the city from Europe.

Measles is a critically contagious viral infection, which instantly spreads among the unvaccinated individuals. The illness if goes up to the extremely severe level, it can lead hospitalization and sometimes even becomes death reason. Since, the condition of a patient diagnosed with measles is yet under control, who is treating at the New Orleans hospital.


State health officer, Dr. Jimmy Guidry said in a statement that, “Measles is extremely rare in the U.S. because almost all children are vaccinated before they enter school. Nonetheless, we take measles very seriously and will take all steps to alert the public and give them the information to best protect themselves. Our epidemiologists are working to learn where the individual has traveled.”

Moreover, it has been observed that the condition – measles is more likely to target the people from the age group of 30 to 40 years, while numerous of the residents in the area are combating against the outbreaks of the disease. Health Protection Surveillance Center reported of three outbreaks of measles occurred since the start of the years 2018 in Ireland, and where he has visited since landing in New Orleans to try and determine if other people may have been exposed.

Guidry continued that, “The best prevention is frequent hand washing throughout the day. Individuals who are sick should always sneeze or cough into tissues or your elbow help prevent the spread of many serious communicable diseases, including measles.”