Hottest Pepper – Carolina Reaper Being Supported By Major Chili Grower

Hottest pepper – Carolina Reaper is now being defended by Salvatore Genovese, a chili grower, after a recent case about a man hospitalized due to eating world’s hottest pepper as a part of a competition.

On a British farm, the world’s hottest pepper known as Carolina Reaper is farmed by Salvatore Genovese. While defending the chili, he said that it is the extremely spicy pepper, which must be properly cooked and then eaten in order to prevent any health issues.


However, there are also more benefits of eating spicy chills, if they are prepared correctly, as a findings obtained from the research conducted in January 2017 suggested that such types of spicy peppers can lead to decrease the rates of mortality risks, especially the deaths happen because of heart disease and stroke.

Pepper grower, Salvatore Genovese said in a statement that, “We have sold, in the past couple of years or so, over half a million Carolina reapers and I have never had any knowledge or any complaint of anyone having to be hospitalized. It’s not really designed to…just plonk it in your mouth and eat it…I would never do that and I wouldn’t recommend it.”

Another old research performed in December 2015 showed that the spicy foods are also linked to an improved brain power, due to the flavonoid known as apigenin present in red chilies that boosts brain cells’ interconnections as well as nerve formation.

He added, “Just cook with it, make a curry, infuse it slowly take it out if you want to afterwards, and get the rich flavors from that super-hot chili. The way I always put it, is treat it like salt. You’re not going to take a handful of salt and put it in your food and say ‘wow I’ve got a wicked salt kick’. Just use small amounts, use accordingly.”