Amazon spends alot building new headquarters

Amazon spends alot building new headquarters and expects high tech workers to work there. Amazon staff has visited about half. However more trips scheduled for April and beyond.

Amazon-spends-alot-building-new-headquartersAmazon launched a public search for a second headquarters site on Sept. 7. Amazon’s second headquarters search hits crunch time The 20 finalist cities in Amazon’s second headquarters search are in the series of visits by company executives. The company plans to make a decision by December 31.

It asked North American cities to send in proposals including preferred candidates with a business-friendly environment, a highly educated labor pool, strong transportation options, cultural fit and a good quality of life.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced in September that Amazon would construct a second headquarters in North America. “Amazon is working with each HQ2 candidate city to dive deeper on their proposals and share additional information about the company’s plans,” said spokesman Adam Sedo.

The 50,000 jobs are just the tip of the iceberg, says Enrico Moretti, an economics professor at the University of California-Berkeley. A stunning 238 locations submitted preliminary bids. Amazon sorted through them.

Cities have signed non-disclosure agreements and in general fought to keep information about their offerings private, in part because they don’t want other cities to know what they’re offering. Amazon also isn’t saying much.

The $5 billion second headquarters, starting with 500,000 square feet and eventually expanding to as much as 8 million square feet, may have as many as 50,000 employees.