Recent news respecting Facebook’s Android app

Recent news respecting Facebook’s Android app is that it has been collecting call and text histories. It can be another black eye for the social media giant. The data can be collected through Messenger app and later through an option Facebook Lite.

Recent-news-respecting-Facebook’s-Android-appFacebook added that only users who gave appropriate permission were affected and it didn’t collect the contents of messages or calls. Users can opt out of the data collection and have the stored logs deleted by changing their app settings.

There’s a reason Facebook’s actions were restricted to Android phones. Apple locks down app permissions tightly, which offers more privacy protection to iPhone users.

Facebook says its apps started collecting this information. But many Android users aren’t using the latest version of the software. In fact, they often can’t get it even if they want it. So until they will not permit app can’t work.

As of January, about 65% of iPhone users were using the latest iOS software, introduced in 2017. The last two versions allow to specifically rejecting the sharing of communication logs.

Bob O’Donnell, chief analyst at Tech analysis Research said “In a lot of ways, Facebook is the tip of the iceberg,”. “There are plenty of other people doing this kind of data collection.”

It is not clear how many apps gained access to call logs so far or how many users’ call logs sent to app developers.