Motorola firing Chicago workforce is rumor

Motorola firing Chicago workforce is rumor, this is an anonymous post on the internet alleges that Motorola has laid off half its Chicago Motorola Mobility workforce.



While one anonymous post is not enough to seriously believe, the information seems to be corroborated by an independent Moto Mod developer.

Right now, with the evidence at hand, it seems likely that these firing are in fact happening and Motorola simply hasn’t proclaimed it yet.

Motorola is lagging behind since Lenovo took over the legendary smartphone brand. While it’s great that the Moto Z line earned some good reviews and the company forged new territory with its line of Moto Mods.

Rumors are spreading up that Motorola either has lay off half of its Chicago Motorola Mobility workforce. Right now, the story is pretty flimsy, but there are confirm rumors that make it seem legal.

There is no proof provided of the layoffs, so it’s hard to believe that Motorola firing Chicago workforce is rumor.

Mr. Chen is concerned about the future of Moto Mod keyboard. If he cannot get an official license from Motorola as well as access to the OTA server in the Moto Mod department, his keyboard will not work with any current or future Motorola phones.

Layoffs would mean for the future of Motorola, the line of Moto Z phones, and the upcoming Moto G6, Moto 5, and Moto z3, is unknown.