McDonald’s Availed Fresh Beef Burger By Tuesday in Miami

McDonald’s availed fresh beef burger adding a tasty change to its item, hamburger – the Quarter Pounder patties, by Tuesday. The new burger has been made available at nearly 3,500 family restaurants in Miami, which is in May expected to reach around 14,000 locations in the United States. However, locations in Alaska and Hawaii have not yet been included in the Golden Arches’ new roll out.


Since the past years, McDonald’s has been trying to selling its food items along with the concern of both better quality food and cheap deals. To upgrade the excellence of the menu as well as transparency within the company’s relationship with families, McDonald’s tries on getting the best of best sources for the ingredients.

Recently, the Golden Arches dropped the antibiotics from the chicken nuggets and also soda from its Happy Meal menu, adding the fruit options to the meal. Now, for promoting the launch of new fresh beef burger across the nation, the company is adding another new item to the menu i.e. Signature Crafted Recipe.

President of McDonald’s in the United States, Chris Kempczinski said in a statement while announcing the new fresh beef burger that, “McDonald’s is a burger company and there is no better place to start than with our burgers. I talked to my staff and I asked them ‘what do you think we should do? They said ‘Well, Joe, we can’t let the drive-thru slow down. So that got us to thinking, the only way to make a burger fast is from a fresh steak. So, we started experimenting with fresh beef.”