Major Weight Loss Can Affect Relationship Status

Major weight loss can affect relationship status, despite the benefits of reduced stomach, improved metabolic function and signs of reduced appetite and hunger, suggest the new study.

Researchers from two bigger Swedish cohorts have found surprising findings during the recent study, showing that the bariatric surgery is significantly linked to the higher rate of incidences related to separation and divorces along with the increased rates of new relationship and marriage.


Weight loss or bariatric surgery is the branch of treatments dealing with the medicines, prevention and causes of obesity, which is effective to the people with overweight, according to the study researchers. The surgery has likely to become more popular as in 2013, around 470,000 patients have yet been treated with bariatric surgery across the.

Associate Dean for Research, clinical psychologist, David B. Sarwer, Ph.D. is a Director at the Center for Obesity Research and Education of the College of Public Health at Temple University. Sarwer says that many of the people intuitively believe that a large weight loss will improve a romantic relationship.

“The person who lost the weight will be thrilled and the partner will be pleased with the change in appearance as well,” Sarwer said in a statement that, “Unfortunately, weight loss can have negative effects on relationships as well. The person who loses weight may feel better about her and end an unhappy relationship. Sometimes, partners are threatened by the weight loss and that jealously can cause problems as well.”