Lower Back Pain Often Mistreated That Causes Disability among Patients across the World

Lower back pain often mistreated, which is the major cause of developing disability among the worldwide patients, according to the series of reviews published by The Lancet – medical journal, warning medical profession against attempting potentially harmful and also ineffective treatments over the condition.

Published findings show that the lower back pain should be treated in the primary care attached with the first line of the course as education along with the instructions for being at work and stay active. But, in the real world, a great number of people have been treated at the emergency departments and advised to stop working and have rest.


Jan Hartvigsen, Professor from the University of Southern Denmark said in a statement that, “Millions of people across the world are getting the wrong care for low back pain. Protection of the public from unproven or harmful approaches to managing low back pain requires that governments and health care leaders tackle entrenched and counterproductive reimbursement strategies, vested interests, and financial and professional incentives that maintain the status quo.”

Most of such patients are generally assigned to go through surgery, scans or the prescribed pain killers that also include opioids that have been banned to be used in the treatments over lower back pain. However, the Global Burden of Disease study for 2017 disclosed that the lower back pain is the common cause of disability among nearly all the high-income nations and also Eastern Europe, central Europe, Middle East, Latin America and North Africa.

“Funders should pay only for high-value care, stop funding ineffective or harmful tests and treatments, and importantly intensify research into prevention, better tests and better treatments”, Hartvigsen added.