Freezing This Nerve Could Help You Shed Extra Pounds

Freezing this nerve could help you shed extra pounds, according to a new study.  Science has revealed an interesting and unique way for weight loss.  A small study by Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta’s Interventional Radiologist Dr. David Prologo claimed that freezing the hunger nerve can actually help to lose weight.


The hunger nerve, which is also called as the posterior vagal trunk sends hunger signals from the gut to the brain. This nerve lives at the back of the neck. If your stomach gets empty then this nerve signals your brain about your hunger.

The researchers performed the study on only 10 people with overweight, ages between 27 to 66 and they had body mass indexes (BMIs) ranging from 30 and 37.

For the study, a hair-like needle was inserted into the patient’s back. The scientists perform the method for two minutes using live images from a CT scan. This freezing of nerve stops the signals transferring from the gut to the brain. The process ultimately paralyzes the nerve and shutdowns the hunger signal. Dr. Prologo mentioned average 14 percent weight loss in participants in a period of 90 days.

“Ideally, if you are following a healthy weight loss routine, this is how much you should be losing in the first 90 days, otherwise you rebound and get back to your old eating habits,” Dr. Prologo said.

The results of the study that states that freezing this nerve could help you shed extra pounds were presented at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society for Interventional Radiology Conference this week in Los Angeles and published in published in a peer-reviewed medical journal.