Coveted Oscar Trophies Linked To Distant Celestial Objects, Reports NASA

Coveted Oscar trophies linked to distant celestial objects, because of their golden coating processed through a same technique that NASA uses for its James Webb Space Telescope to explore the extraterrestrial things having a price tag of $8.9 billion, according to the recent report released by NASA.

Epner Technology Inc. in Brooklyn, New York has been associating with NASA since 1970 and provided more enhanced electroplating technique for the major aerospace work dated in 1990. The high-tech specification plating company recently has claimed that their gold will never be flaking off.


An engineer, John Gygax at Goddard Space Flight Center of NASA, in Greenbelt, Maryland said in a statement that, “We’ve seen many times over the years that somebody will put a nice gold coating on something, but as soon as you bend it, all of a sudden a whole layer of gold will peel up and flake off.”

With a great prestige for providing the most brilliant and durable gold coatings, Epner earned a new client i.e. Oscars – Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, in 2016 as a trophy manufacturer was casting the trophies with a tin alloy along with gold plating since more than three decades. Those trophies shone, but by the time their coatings used to be eventually faded.

NASA officials stated that, “In order to meet the needs of both aerospace projects, Epner tweaked its proprietary processes to ensure the highest possible reflectivity while also achieving hardness triples that of pure gold. The trick, Epner explains, was in modifying the electric current to get a more tightly packed atom. Because the gold remains pure, the reflectivity remains extremely high.”