Bottled Water Contains Tiny Plastic Particles: Study

Bottled water contains tiny plastic particles, known as microplastics, according to a new major study.  A lot of bottled water is contaminated with tiny bits of plastic that usually comes from some sources including clothing, industrial processes, and cosmetics claims a study conducted by a non-profit journalism organization called Orb Media.


The University of East Anglia (UEA) has recently tested several samples of world’s leading brands’ bottled water and they detected the microscopic plastic particles.

For the study, the researchers tested 250 bottles from 11 different brands from around the world including China, Indonesia, Lebanon, Thailand, the United States, Brazil, Lebanon India, Kenya, and Mexico. They found plastic in 93 percent of the bottles that included brands like Aquafina, Evian, San Pellegrino, Aqua, Dasani, Nestle Pure Life.

The highest levels of microplastics found in a Nestle Pure Life water bottle were 10,390 particles per liter, according to Orb Media’s study.

There is no detailed information available on the health effects of ingesting plastic so researchers are not sure. But the World Health Organization has said that it will be launching its own analysis regarding the potential risks.

Bruce Gordon, coordinator of the WHO’s global work on water and sanitation said, “We normally have a ‘safe’ limit but to have a safe limit, to define that, we need to understand if these things are dangerous and if they occur in water at concentrations that are dangerous.”

Jacqueline Savitz, chief policy officer for North America at Oceana suggest that now it is the time to make water bottles a thing of the past.