Both Vegetarian and Mediterranean Diets Equally Beneficial for Weight Loss

Both vegetarian and Mediterranean diets equally beneficial for weight loss, says a recent review disclosed by the journal Circulation. Along with reducing the body fats and body weight, these diets are also more effective in restraining the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases.

More surprisingly, the study has shown that the diet without containing meat leads people to loss nearly 1.9 kg weight in three months of timescale, while Mediterranean diet causes about 1.8 kg of weight loss in the same timescale.

The Mediterranean diet consists of loads of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, red meat and poultry, and on the other hand, the vegetarian diet highly contains low-fat dairy products, eggs with deliberately excluding fish or meat, that helps people to lose weight.


In addition, both of the diets are more and equally effective in cutting the major risk of stroke as well as heart disease, according to recently published review in the journal Circulation.

Leading author of the study, M.D., Ph.D., Dr. Francesco Sofi, who is a clinical nutrition professor at the University of Florence, said in a statement that, “The results of this study suggest that both diets, if well conducted, are beneficial for weight loss and for cardiovascular risk prevention. People have more than one choice for a heart-healthy diet.”

Sofi added to the statement that, “We now have two healthy options for preventing cardiovascular diseases. Mediterranean and lacto-ovo-vegetarian diets have similar features in common such as fruit, vegetables, complex and non-refined carbohydrates and legumes.”