Australians Suffer Poor Oral Health, Nation’s Dental Health Found

Australians suffer poor oral health have been found in the report card disclosed by the nation’s dental health showing that just half of all the people residing in Australia brush their teeth regularly as twice a day. This may contribute to the higher decay levels over the country.

The new findings have been disclosed in the first comprehensive report card of the country – Oral Health Tracker, which shows the damaging statistics based on the teeth of the population across the state.


Director at the Australian Health Policy Collaboration, Professor Rosemary Calder said in a statement that, “We’re not doing terribly well as a nation. We’ve got a lot of preventable chronic disease, which is making us a very unwell nation and it’s only going to get worse. Very few people really understand that oral health links directly to physical and mental health. Clearly we need to see how we can do better for Australia’s children.”

Researchers have shown that nearly 90 percent of the adult people suffer from some sort tooth decay or cavity, along with the harmful level of consuming alcohol and smoking habits, which highly associate to a poor oral health.

“We spend millions if not billions of dollars on unnecessary dentistry in this country. There are vulnerable Australians that can’t gain access and something has to be done. Many people still did not realize the link between sugar consumption and tooth decay. A lot of people don’t go to the dentist until they have a significant problem”, said Dr Hugo Sachs, who is the president of the Australian Dental Association.