Hong Kong Locks Schools in Mortal Flu Outbreak

Hong Kong locks schools over the combat against the mortal flu outbreak, as reported by the government on Wednesday.

A great number of school children in Hong Kong are supposed to soon be getting their holidays for Lunar New Year earlier than the date previously declared, in order to avoid being caught in a deadly outbreak of flu, as the education authorities of the city ordered for the closure.

Centre for Health Protection reported the figures of flu outbreak victims, as 111 people including two younger ones aged around 18 years old have been died of the fatal outbreak within the winter flu season.


The deadly epidemic hasn’t approached its highest peak, according to the warning by health experts. They are trying to prevent students from crowded environments over the holidays of Lunar New Year expected to be starting as early as from next week.

Yuen Kwok-yung, a microbiologist, surgeon and physician at the Royal College of Physicians stated on Wednesday that, “If we don’t deal with this now, our concern is that even if the epidemic begins to wind down there may be more deaths or severe cases with children.”

Emergency wards and public hospitals in the city are observed to be overflown by patients, where at the same time people have been struggling with local media as well as shortages of medicine and staffs. Hong Kong appears significantly awakened about mortal outbreak of viruses, as bird flu was first diagnosed in people from the city in 1997.