German village votes keeping Hitler bell

German village votes keeping Hitler bell. The bell 50 kilometers northwest of Heidelberg should serve as a force for reunion and a memorial against violence and injustice.


The council rejected calls by some residents for the Hitler bell to be deconstructed, and turned down an offer by the local Protestant church to bear the cost of installing a new one.

The controversial bronze bell has been in the church since 1934, where it was used until recently. Its existence only becomes known when a former church organist Sigrid peters complained about inscription.

She told, It can’t happen that a baby is baptized and a bell with the words ‘Everything for the Fatherland’ is ring.

She was also disturbed by the fact that numerous couples visit the church they don’t know at all about the bell, Peters said.

This large bell connected with Nazi symbol. Many resident were concerned the bronze. Many residents were concerned the bronze antique would ruin the church’s reputation and its existence would encourage neo Nazi groups to group in the  German village.

The local authority ordered an outside assessment to help councilors to take decision. Experts concluded that the bell should be classified as a memorial and either moved to a museum or kept in the church tower.

The council decided the bell will remain in church to point out its history.  Town Mayor Georg Welker spoke told public broadcaster ARD last month that the bell’s toll was an important way of remembering the victims of the Nazi regime.