Frequent Headache may Cause Severe Brain Diseases

Frequent headache may cause severe brain diseases, which people just ignore as a common pain by taking a paracetamol, according to new research conducted by a primary care physician Dr. Michael Munger from the Overland Park in Kansas.

The research recommends people to be more conscious about headaches, because several kinds of headaches have been found as the signs of much more critical conditions than just a disturbing or exhausting day.

Dr. Munger also discovered that a huge number of people tends to ignore headaches and bear the pain by simply grinning, despite the fact that how exhausting it could be. He has urged to pay more attention towards the frequent headaches, which could point that the person is going through really critical conditions like aneurysm or brain tumors.


Migraines, sinus headaches and tension headaches are the three most common examples of headaches according to doctors. However, the frequency of headaches is another key point, which could show the severity for a quick medical advice.

If, one suffers from more than two headaches per week for up to a fortnight, then the situation is at highest priority to get a medical checkup, Munger notified.

Munger said in a statement that, “When I do routine physicals, I’ll ask about headaches. Some people just live with it. Tension headaches derive from muscle tension and also migraines, and they start at the back of the head, then radiate up and over the crown.”