Ants May Supply Antibiotics against Bacterial Infections In Future

Ants may supply antibiotics, as they are able to produce strong germicides naturally that fight against fungi and bacteria, according to the latest research aimed to prove diligent insects as potential drug providers for humans.

Pharmaceutical prowess of ants being an arsenal of powerful antibiotics, as recently declared by scientists has been offering humans a growing germ resistance since past hundreds of years.

The study has been disclosed in Royal Society Open Science journal along with the experimental findings obtained from the research performed on 20 different species of ants, the research which discovered antimicrobials in 12 of those tested species of ants.


Clint Penick, a co-author of the recently published study from the Arizona State University said in a statement that, “This means ants are probably a good place to look if you want to discover new antimicrobial compounds. Ants coat their bodies with secretions from these glands, and some ants distribute these antimicrobials around their nests similar to how we would use antiseptic cleaners in our homes.”

The research found that the certain ant species produced chemicals that can fight against some chemicals residing on human skin, known as Staphylococcus epidermidis. All the compounds manufactured by various ant species are varied according to their specific prowess of killing germs, say researchers.

Penick added that, “It is important to note that there have been over 15,000 ant species described, and each species is likely to produce many different compounds that could have antimicrobial action.”