Scientists are creating Pet Translator device

Scientists are creating pet translator device that will allow humans to understand the language of dogs more clearly. Yes, it’s good news for those who love their pet dog and want to talk or communicate more efficiently with them.

This new device will convert a dog’s barks and growls into human language thus enhancing the communication relationship between the dog owners and their pet dogs.


While working on the device, scientists are using artificial intelligence to learn the techniques of translating vocalizations and facial expressions of the animals into something humans can understand. The researchers say the new device named, “pet translator” could be ready within the next 10 years for release.

Lead author of the study Con Slobodchikoff a professor of biology at the Northern Arizona University has studied the communication patterns and language of prairie dogs. They observed dog’s behaviors including growling, barking and howling using the AI to understand how these animals communicate. During their research, he discovered that animals have their own language system that transmits complicated instructions and commands.

Slobodchikoff even developed an algorithm to turn the vocalizations into English. He said, “I thought, if we can do this with prairie dogs, we can certainly do it with dogs and cats.”

Slobodchikoff hopes that computers can help humans to understand a particular gesture of pets using through machine learning. The research work is still running but this system could enhance the quality pattern of the communication between the animals and humans.