A newly discovered bug can affect iPhone

A newly discovered bug can affect iPhone through a single text message, according to software developer Abraham Masri. The security flaw called “chaiOS,” found in iOS can crash the Messages app and freeze or restart your phone upon receiving a text message containing a specially-engineered website link.


The bug was discovered by Abraham Masri and he said it can also slow down Safari browser that is used to surf the internet on Mac computers.

Masri says he created a webpage hosted on GitHub by stuffing its metadata with hundreds of thousands of unnecessary characters. Masri explains that when the user tries to load this unexpected data, it crashes the Messages and even sometimes takes the entire operating system down with it.

When talking about user reports, the bug doesn’t work consistently. Sometimes it causes lag, sometimes it triggers “respring,” sometimes it crashes Messages, and sometimes it freezes the device.

Masri said he has reported bugs to Apple before releasing them but Apple has not commented on the matter. The bug does not present a security risk to customers, he explains.

“I made my point. Apple needs to take such bugs more seriously,” Masri wrote.

There is nothing surprising that the messages that causing iPhones to freeze. In both 2015 and 2016, similar strings of text or dodgy web links caused phones to crash.

Considering Apple’s software’s bad time from the end of last year, the company is expected to be more alert and responsive in 2018.