Modius: Smart Weight Loss Headset

Modius is an innovative headset helping weight loss and launched by new careable technology company, Modius Health. The headset is just shortlisted for the award during the world’s biggest tech event for innovators.


Dr. Jason McKeown is a neurologist, neuroscientist & CEO of Modius Health from Portglenone, County Antrim. The recently launched Modius headset aims to stimulate a part of the brain that manages metabolism and fat storage.

The gadget has secured the place of 10 topmost nominations to awards for the Last Gadget Standing at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Las Vegas. Since, the winning gadget is announced to be decided by procured votes on Tuesday.

Dr McKeown said in a statement that, “There’s an area in your brain – it’s called your hypothalamus – and it’s a really center structure which controls things like your appetite, your metabolic rate, metabolic hormones and ultimately it determines how much body fat you’ll naturally store.”

Modius Health reported that this new headset has potential to improve metabolism and lowers appetite of the users through the vestibular nerve stimulation. the headset is coupled with the electro-pads that fit at the back of ears and users are suggested for using the headset just once in a day for nearly 45 minutes.

McKeown added that, “That’s great if you have a lean hypothalamus and it keeps you lean and athletic – we all know people who can eat whatever they want and they tend to stay around the same weight.”