Google is adding new capabilities To Google Duo

Google is adding new capabilities to its video calling mobile app called Google Duo with a clever new Android feature. Duo users can now make calls to other users who do not have the app installed on their smartphones.

Google is adding new capabilities

Android users can find the new option to call any of their contacts on ‘Instant App’ like experience called App Preview Messaging that debuted in 2016 which is part of Google Play services. Several brands of Android phones such as OnePlus come with preinstalled Duo.

The new addition works exactly like a usual Duo call which includes the Knock-Knock feature through which you can see the preview of the caller before you pick it up. At another side, users can answer the calls, mute the microphone, hold like a regular duo call, and change cameras. Users can also block the caller from contacting them again.

If you don’t have Duo installed on your phone and want to make a call, then you will have to first install the app.

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram are already supporting voice and video calling so it’s difficult to predict whether they will try another tool for the job.

“Duo will be a default calling service on all Android phones with Google services,” said username wgn_luv on Reddit.

According to a report, Google Allo supports App Preview Messaging since launch with a different UI. However, this feature is currently limited to Android phones and first spotted by Android Police. Moreover, it is only available for a few users on the contact list, and the company has not cleared the reason.