Extending Bed Time with Extra 20 Minutes Could Limit Sugar Cravings

A new study found that an extra 20 minutes of sleep could be the key to shedding excess pounds but when talking about the previous study, it may not seem like the obvious way to lose weight.

According to researchers at King’s College London, Sleep-deprived people who sleep for longer in bed are less likely to pick sugary treats.


Lack of sleep alters levels of hormones which control appetite and it was already declared as a risk factor for obesity.

A new study showed that person who follows ‘lack of sleep’ formula naturally chooses healthier foods within a week, eating on average 10 grams less sugar every day.

When conducting the research, group of 21 volunteers who slept less than seven hours a night suggested changing their habits so that they could sleep for longer. The trial helped the volunteers to get an average of just 21 minutes extra shut-eye.

According to the study, published today (Jan. 9) in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, lack of sleep that is less than the recommended seven hours a night is linked to various health conditions, including obesity and cardiometabolic diseases which include heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

The volunteers were requested to maintain a constant bedtime, resist caffeine and food before sleeping and try and relax in the evenings. During the seven day study period, on average the groups added 90 minutes to their daily sleep patterns.

The results discovered that by the end of the week, the participants were naturally eating less sugar and carbs than at the start.

The researchers said that they hope to explore these findings further using longer-term studies to deeply examine nutrient intake and sleep-extension behaviors.