Older Adults Should Enjoy Their Walk in Green Spaces, away From Traffic Pollution, a New Research Suggests

It’s no secret that air pollution levels in cities are increasing and making those cities some of the most polluted places on Earth.

If you are enjoying long walks as a part of your fitness routine then you will be disappointed after hearing this fact that air pollution can wipe out those health benefits.

A new study report led by scientists at Duke University and Imperial College London claims that traffic pollution on city streets can reduce the beneficial health effects of exercise for people aged 60 and older. It produces health relates risks for older people and unborn babies, a new study suggests.

The researchers followed 119 people for the study who were either healthy, had balanced heart disease, or normal chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

All people were randomly asked to walk around either Oxford Street or Hyde Park. After some weeks, they assigned to walk in the other location.

The participants who walked around the park were found with increased in lung capacity after the first hour, but very little difference was seen for those who walked around Oxford Street.

However, people who walked around the park benefited from increased blood flow and their arteries became less stiff by 24% in some cases, and the Oxford Streetwalkers were with just a 4.6% improvement for healthy participants.

Senior author Fan Chung, Professor of Respiratory Medicine and Head of Experimental Studies Medicine at National Heart & Lung Institute at Imperial College London said that the finding suggests older adults walk in green spaces, away from traffic pollution.