High-Fat Food Facilities Weight Loss, Research suggests

Yes, you heard it right that fats are essential to sustain a healthy life. Its good news for people who wish to lose weight and eat fat at the same time as a new research has found that high-fat foods are healthy and can help you lose weight faster.

Many of us keep the myths and assumptions that we should avoid fats. But a team of researchers says human tissues are made up of fat and fats also help developing nerve sheath coating so freezing out fats entirely from the diet plan will not be a good way.

A new U.S based study published in journal e life, conducted by Washington University in St. Louis U.S says, by activating Hedgehog pathway in mice’s fat cells, you could feed the animals a high-fat diet without making them obese. Senior investigator Fanxin Long said that these findings could help them to a new way of treating obesity.

The team claims that the Hedgehog pathway keeps blocks the development of the fats beyond a certain size. The person tends to gain weight when the fat cells begin to expand.

Researcher Fanxin Long said in a statement, “Fat gain is due mainly to increased fat cell size.” “Each fat cell grows bigger so that it can hold larger fat droplets. We gain weight mainly because fat cells get bigger, as opposed to having more fat cells,” Fanxin added.

The new method also keeps blood sugar levels low, according to researchers.  They have also suggested that this activation of this pathway could help fight obesity.