Google added Multitasking Feature to its Smart Speaker

Google’s smart speakers became little smarter this week as the company has added a multitasking feature, making them the hottest Christmas gift this year.

Now, Google Home devices got the ability of processing and completing two commands at once. It can perform two different missions at the same time. The company rolled out this feature to Home units with no mention.

So, Google Home users can ask their device to perform different things, for example, you can ask, “Hey, Google, turn on the TV, and what’s the weather” your TV will turn on and Google will also tell the weather.

For instance, Google Home can’t perform multiple things like if you want to stream any music and change the volume, your device would require three separate commands. The upcoming routines will fix this issue by allowing users to ask multiple commands together.

But there are several limitations too. Users can ask Google Home to perform only two tasks simultaneously not three or four. If you ask more than two things the device will pick one command randomly and will execute it.

You also have to give individual commands as the Home won’t understand two jobs stuffed into the single sentence. For example, if you ask, “OK, Google, focus up and dim the lights,” Google Home will reply, “I can only help with the second request.”

You can ask for traffic, control any connected gadget or ask the device to stream music. There is no need for these commands in the Google Home app as a specific routine.