Females are more fit naturally than males, a New study Suggests

The previous findings have suggested that men’s bodies are more naturally athletic but the latest research study has proved the findings are not true.

According to the latest study from researchers at the University of Waterloo, women are more fit than men as they can process oxygen more quickly than males.

As a part of the study, during moderate exercise researchers observed oxygen uptake and muscle oxygen extraction between 18 young men and women of similar age and weight.

A research study also claims that during treadmill exercise women has the ability to transfer oxygen from their blood to their muscles around 29 percent faster than men. The research considered Quick oxygen uptake because it is an important measure of aerobic fitness. Oxygen processing varies from gender to gender.

The team said that the females exceeded men with around 30 percent quicker oxygen handling throughout the body. Women’s muscles have a superior aerobic system.

So ladies, get everything ready and fight it out at the gym. And while you are at it, keep focusing on your diet too. A combination of both diet and exercise serves a good health and fitness.

Study author and U of W kinesiologist Thomas Beltrame said. “We usually put men and women together in the same group when we’re testing something. Now we know it’s important to split the groups. They might have different responses to disease treatment, exercise training, or even medication.”

The team has suggested some tips: eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, don’t skip your meals, avoid fatty, processed foods, and Stay Hydrated.