Facebook is Offering 800 New Jobs in Its New London Headquarters

Facebook opens its new London headquarters on Monday and announced that it is offering 800 new jobs in the UK in 2018.

The new office is situated away from the Oxford Street which is the Europe’s favorite shopping area and integrates first in-house association incubator called LDN_LAB.

This is the Facebook’s huge investment and it will make London the biggest engineering hub for the company outside the United States. Finance minister Philip Hammond welcomed the investment and he was given a tour of the new building.

Philip Hammond said that this is a sign of development that innovative companies like Facebook are investing in the country.

EMEA vice president Nicola Mendelsohn said, “The UK’s flourishing entrepreneurial ecosystem and international reputation for engineering excellence make it one of the best places in the world to build a tech company.”

She also said that this country has been a big part of Facebook’s history over the past decade and she looks forward to achieving the same goal of bringing the world closer together.

Nicola stated that the company’s incubator will contribute major role in attracting important talent to London and will focus on the next generation of successful start-ups.

The announcement of the new headquarters was made by Facebook in November last year after Google unveiled its plan of building a new hub in the city and Google also said that the new hub will be able to accommodate more than 7,000 employees in total.