Eating Fish Once a Week can sharpen your kids’ mental skills and Boost intelligence quotient (IQ) levels: study

If you want to improve intelligence quotient (IQ) levels and sharpen your kids’ mental skills then add fish to their meal at least once a week, study says.

A new US research shows that children who eat fish at least once a week could benefit from better sleep and have higher IQ scores than those who consume fish less frequently or not at all.  There is an association of increased fish consumption with fewer disturbances of sleep which results in better overall sleep quality.  The previous study has already discovered a relationship between omega-3s (the fatty acids found in many types of fish) and improved intelligence, and omega-3s and better sleep.

During research study, the team followed at a cohort of 541 9- to 11-year-olds in China and asked several questions to the children about their fish-containing meal.   They took an IQ test which examined verbal and non-verbal skills such as vocabulary and coding.

They also asked questions about their sleep duration and frequency of night waking or daytime sleepiness.

The researchers found that children who ate fish once a week scored 4.8 points higher than those who reported “seldom” or “never” ate fish and remaining people who said they sometimes ate fish scored 3.3 points higher.

“Lack of sleep is associated with an antisocial behavior; poor cognition is associated with antisocial behavior,” said co-author Professor Adrian Raine. “We have found that omega-3 supplements reduce antisocial behavior, so it’s not too surprising that fish is behind this.”

The team has suggested that fish should be added to diets of children by age 2. Families should increase their fish consumption even to just once per week.