Asthmatic people Should Wear scarves over their Face to Avoid the Risk of Attack this winter

People with Asthma are being encouraged to use scarves this winter as experts saying breathing in the cold air could increase their risk of an attack. Experts are suggesting asthmatic people to use scarves over the mouths and noses to avoid the health-related risks.

Asthma UK is encouraging asthma sufferers to take selfies in scarves then post them to social media with the hashtag ##scarfie to spread the message “a scarf could save a life.” The campaign is in its third year and Asthma UK wants to increase its awareness.

About four million people — three-quarters of those with asthma in the UK reported that breathing in cold air inflamed their symptoms, increasing their attack’s risk.

In the UK every 10 seconds one asthma attack occurs where currently 5.4 million people are experiencing treatment which includes 1.1 million children. Three people die every day developing an asthma attack.

Mother-of-two Debbi Wood, 58, from Portsmouth said she has ended up in the hospital numerous times due to cold weather causing her asthma attacks.

She said, “I’ve had asthma for nearly 30 years, but you never get used to the feeling of having an asthma attack. It’s terrifying and feels like breathing through a tiny straw.” “Wrapping a scarf around my nose and mouth is a simple action, but for people with asthma like me it can make a huge difference in winter,” she added.

Asthma UK clinical lead and practicing GP Dr. Andy Whittamore said that it is impossible to avoid that cold weather while living in the UK but asthmatic people can reduce the risk of attack by wrapping a scarf around their nose and mouth as the scarf will help to warm up the air before they breathe it in.