US first Streaming Entertainment Service, Hulu is coming to Nintendo Switch

Now Nintendo Switch is finally getting a video streaming service, Nintendo revealed today.  Today, Hulu is coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop that will allow you to stream TV shows and movies on your Switch. Hulu stated that the app will be available today on the eShop.

The Switch will be getting regular Hulu services including the relatively new Live TV feature. Hulu’s app will include services offering you the ability to watch some shows, Hulu original series, movies. Besides, you will be able to watch live TV channels like ESPN, CNN, and FX with Hulu Live TV.

It looks like the Switch is coming at the center of entertainment with few more apps like Netflix and Amazon. When talking about traveling, the switch would become the ultimate entertainment solution. You could bring it to a hotel and watch shows like Beat Bobby Flay for hours or play some Mario on the flight back.

Hulu will offer you special personalized experiences in your live TV product. For example, you are a fan of sports; Hulu’s live services will provide an easy way to find and favorite your teams, sports, and leagues. It will automatically record your favorite teams.

According to report, Nintendo has been discussing multiple video streaming services including Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon about streaming video services.

For the time, it is unclear, why the other services are not coming to the Switch with Hulu as Nintendo has not revealed any details.