Telltale Games Lays-off 90 Developers and Employees to Restructure Staff

Developer Telltale Games has unfortunately announced today that the developers are suffering from a round of layoffs.  The layoffs will impact 90 developers and Telltale workforce resulting in an overall reduction of 25 % of the company.

The episodic games’ developer, Telltale Games, is best for its games like The Walking Dead and Minecraft Story Mode.

Telltale says they are moving forward with a smaller team to make fewer and better games. The company believes that the layoffs will not affect its existing games. It wants to make the company more competitive by restructuring it as the developer and publisher of narrative-driven gaming experiencing the importance of high quality.

Telltale Games CEO Pete Hawley said in his statement that he really appreciate all the contribution that all incredibly talented artists, storytellers and more have made to the company. The company is focusing on making the career of affected colleagues, friends, and families by delivering full career assistance services.

“As always, it’s never a good thing when people lose their jobs, especially in an industry like this one while it’s sad that a large amount of people are now without jobs, we can only hope that they’ll land on their feet as quickly as possible,” Hawley added in its statement.

Telltale Games added that it will move to more proven technologies that will create more innovation in its core products. The company works with new partners to bring its games to new followers.