Reach Robotics’ MekaMon gaming robot Can Be control using Smartphone

Today augmented reality gaming company Reach Robotics confirmed that its MekaMon gaming robot is coming to Apple Stores. The robot has AR capabilities that can be controlled by your smartphone.

The robot weighs 2.2 pounds with a dimension of 11.8 x 11.8 x 5.9 inches. It’s a spider-like device which is upgradable and customizable with detachable legs, shields, and weapons. Each robot has IR sensors through which it will measure distance and location and also accurately track and attack opponents.

You can control the robot via the iOS or Android app. You can connect the robot to your smartphone app through Bluetooth, and other robots via infrared signals. But there is a limitation of battery life as you will only you’ll only get one hour of play before it needs to be recharged.

Users can battle their robots in both the physical and virtual worlds using iOS or Android devices.

Reach Robotics’ CEO Silas Adekunle said in a statement, “We’ve created an entirely new video gaming platform,” “Players can whip out their smartphone to battle their multi-functional, connected battlebots in the physical and virtual worlds at the same time.”

You can use your phone’s screen to guide your robot and you can use objects like tables and chairs in the room to hide from attacks in the game. Apple is offering MekaMonin white and black models for £299.95. Starting on November 16, the gaming robot is coming to Apple Stores throughout the US and UK.