Rackspace teamed up with HPE to Offer pay-as-you-go Private Cloud Services

Rackspace has partnered with HPE to launch a new “pay-as-you-go” private cloud OpenStack offering.

The OpenStack service will be available on 28 November.

The pay-as-you-go OpenStack private cloud will deliver managed service. The service will help businesses to gain benefit from a pay-per-use structure using OpenStack private cloud. Companies from small-scale to large-scale will get a major cost advantage.

Head of Rackspace said that the service’s pricing model will be in a simplified manner as compared to Amazon’s and Microsoft’s public cloud services.  Companies will be charged with things like virtual machines, terabytes or gigabytes transferred. It looks like a simple model.

The OpenStack service will be available in a co-located environment on a dedicated single-tenant managed HPE box, and in customers’ data centres. The service will be hosted either by either Rackspace, the customer themselves. Customers can choose to add on extra expansions when needed, and can only pay when they use it.

HPE’s president, Antonio Neri said, “This experience is the best of the cloud and on-premises worlds, and we fully expect this simple pay-per-use technology model to change the way enterprises make technology decisions.”

Neri also said that the OpenStack private cloud service will be marked as a pivotal moment in the private cloud market and in the large-scale industry.

Rackspace and HPE are adding more choices for customers with this advance delivery model, in a technology platform that will help identify the best fit for their application according to Scott Crenshaw, executive vice president of private cloud at Rackspace.