Overwatch Got a New Character for You to Play- Moira

Blizzard announced yesterday popular hero shooter Overwatch’s new hero, Moira, and the new map called Blizzard World at BlizzCon.

Razer also introduced a line of D.Va gaming accessories, which will look good on D.Va players among the Overwatch League teams. Technical ramifications of moves are made in the game.

Moira’s biotic abilities enable her to make these two blasts: one that heals or damage any crisis and another that grips enemies like some Eldritch tendril, draining their life force and replenishing hers. She can launch biotic orbs using her Biotic Grasp that bounce around and allow her to heal/damage allies/enemies who are relatively close to them. She also has her ult which is Goku’s Kamehameha, a beam of concentrated fury that cuts down every enemy in its path.

Now, Moira has got a beam with a big orb that can cause solid damage. Moira has her life leech which allows her to survive more than that you expect. Her heal beam can heal multiple allies at the same time and you can reach allies who are hurting in a blink through fade.

Overwatch uses a set of custom tools developed at Blizzard, instead of a third-party game engine like Unreal or Unity.

Tim Ford, Lead Engineer for Gameplay Systems on Overwatch at Blizzard said, “We have a very senior team who have been exposed to not only a lot of proprietary engines made within Blizzard but also, off the shelf engines that are available to the industry at large so we very much stand on the shoulder of giants when we make an engine for a game like Overwatch.”

Overwatch is one of the rare Blizzard games which are not on the Mac. According to Ford, they don’t have any plans to bring this game on the Mac as Apple has made several technological decisions.

Moira is very confusing character and will confuse many players, but she has got a strong potential ability to change team compositions and turn the tide of battle with her ult. She is very exciting hero.