Messaging App Slack Is Still Down and Disturbing Businesses

The cloud-based collaboration tools and services Slack suffered a huge outage late Tuesday evening and it is still down. Due to this the massive outage, Slack users started experiencing issues accessing the sending or receiving messages and files service.

The outage began at 3:58 PM Pacific time and started disturbing the mobile connectivity. Slack’s workplace collaboration app is known as a central hub which is used by around 6 million people for inter-company communication and coordination. Slack users spend hours each day in its workplace collaboration application.

The messaging platform forced companies, groups, and others who rely on the service to resort to more primitive measures like email. Huge number of major companies and groups are dealing with this outage that relies on Slack for their daily communications

Slack states that, “We are aware of connectivity issues and are actively investigating,” We are aware of connectivity issues and are actively investigating.” 40 minutes later they updated, “We’re so sorry for this disruption to your day. We are doing all we can to get you back into your workspace. Thank you again for your patience.”

A beneficial hacker, Frans Rosen reported the error on the bug-reporting service of cybersecurity startup HackerOne. Rosen said that, he received $3,000 from Slack for spotting and reporting the error. He also said that along with Slack, Dropbox, Uber, Zenefits and some other companies are doing the fastest patches these days.

Slack will be back soon and everyone in the US, Asia, India, and the rest of the world will get back to their daily work as usual.