Logitech is Shutting down Its Harmony Link hub on March 16th, 2018

Logitech has announced that it is discontinuing all services for the Harmony Link hub, a universal hub that lets users control their different devices from smartphones or tablets.

The company introduced the Harmony Link in 2011. Now, six years later, Logistic is bricking every unit of the Harmony Link on March 16th, 2018.

According to a report, logistic will permanently disable the devices by issuing a firmware update. It will also shut down the cloud-based service on which the Harmony Link relies.

The company sent email to the owners of the product warning that the Link will stop functioning in March.  The company has not revealed any reason of ending of service but company’s employee said that the technology certificate license will expire next March.

The Links has the ability to transfer powers Harmony that remotes to user’s iPhone and Android smartphone. It turns mobile device into the remote that could control the variety of devices. The Link sends the corresponding IR signals to the smartphone to change channels, inputs, volume, or any number of other commands over Wi-Fi.

Customers who will purchase Hub from Logitech’s official stores, they will get 35 percent discounts. The offer is limited for primary Harmony Link users. Users are expressing frustration and anger towards the company.

The representative said, “We first communicated to affected customers in August 2017 that we are offering a free Harmony Hub to replace a Link (if within warranty) or a discount on the Harmony Hub (if out-of-warranty).”

The company’s representative noted that they have refocused development resources on advanced technologies and so that, they are not updating the Harmony Link certificate.