Lack of Social Skills May Increase Health Problems

Beware if you are left out by your friends due to irregular communication as it can negatively affect your physical as well as mental health.

According to a new research, people having poor social skills are at a greater risk of experiencing more stress and loneliness.

Proper communicative techniques allow people to interact effectively and appropriately in social environment.  The skills are specially originated from the family.

A new study published in the journal Health Communications states a link between poor social skills and poor social physical health. The link has established based on the survey of adults across a broad range of ages.

The study suggested that loneliness is a recently identified major health risk factor.

The researchers analyzed the data taken from 775 people between ages 18 and 91. They found the association of poor social interaction with poor mental and physical health. Poor social skills put individuals at increased risk for stress and loneliness, the study result has found.

“We started realizing about 15 years ago that loneliness is actually a pretty serious risk for health problems. It is as serious of a risk as smoking, obesity or eating a high-fat diet with lack of exercise,” said Chris Segrin, from the University of Arizona in the US.

Segrin also said that lack of social awareness can be the cause of possessing poor social skills. Segrin suggested people that they should develop the ability to share personal information with others and make interaction.