Kindly Behavior of many grandparents has a bad effect on children’s health, study found

A new research found that Grandparents are spoiling their grandchildren by giving them too much food and allowing them to skip exercise.

Grandparents’ kindly behavior negatively affecting children’s health and even increases the risk of diseases such as cancer, according to a study carried out by researchers at the University of Glasgow.

The research study says Grandparents are more likely to give children sweet treats and disregard warnings about the dangerous effects of second-hand smoke. Smoking, a poor diet and a lack of physical activity can cause diseases such as cancer.

Many grandparents throughout the UK may unintentionally be harming their grandchildren’s health, the study, published in the journal PLOS ONE says.

Smoking, a poor diet and a lack of physical activity were all been identified as risk factors for diseases such as cancer, which children may carry into adulthood.

The research team from Glasgow followed data of 56 studies from 18 countries that covered information about the impact of grandparents on their grandchildren. The research found that the parents believed grandparents fed their children food too excessive in sugar and fat. Grandparents provide meals made from unhealthy ingredients which can create health-related issues.

Lead author Dr. Stephanie Chambers said that currently, the researchers are not focusing on grandparents, however, perhaps this is something that needs to change given the important role grandparents play in the lives of children.

Professor Linda Bauld, of Cancer Research UK, said, “Children should never be exposed to second-hand smoke. But it’s also important for children to maintain a healthy weight into adulthood, and in today’s busy world it’s often the wider families who have a role to play in keeping youngsters healthy.”