Here’re Some Awesome Secrets of Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo recently announced that it is offering a bunch of free items to decorate your virtual space with Super Mario Odyssey.

The game is very brilliant which lets you discover lots of awesome secrets across a ton of new worlds.

When you pop into the side-scrolling environment, a Mario’s every costume takes a matching 2D version.  When you go near an item of interest, Mario will turn his head to look at them.

Mario’s outfit can receive visual effects in multiple ways. If he jumps in a frozen lake, his costume will get frosted. If Mario gets lit on fire, his outfit will be burned. And if he rolls around the Sand Kingdom, he gets dirty.

When Mario falls into a deep sleep, a bird will land on his nose which will take different forms and colors based on the world.

Mario can receive coin by hitting Cactus with his hat. But if there is a group of them, Mario can hit one of them just right to create a domino effect and you will earn bonus coins.

Mario can use roof hatch or tailpipe to enter the Odyssey instead of the front door as other ways have also provided there.

When Mario reaches to regular Moon, he shows one of three hand gestures that reference previous Mario games.

Mario’s every outfit reminds something of Mario’s past whether it’s really old Super Game Boy commercials or even wacky 3DS ads.

When Mario will take part in every mini-game like jump roping or volleyball, Mr. Game and Watch that take s tiny form of the picture will assist him, representing that challenge.

These incredible things show the coolest tiny details about the Mario. It looks like Nintendo hides something on every stage of this game.