Google is Adding a Suite of new Job Search Tools

Google has announced that it is adding new updates to help job applicants in the U.S. it is adding a suite of new job search tools through which job hunters can find employment directly using Google Search. It will show salary information.

The salary information will include estimated salary ranges grabbed from multiple sources.

Back in May, the internet giant announced at the company’s annual I/O developer conference that they were planning to scour job listings across the web and collate them directly within Google Search. And a month later, Google declared team-ups with Glassdoor, Monster, Facebook, and others to let job hunters find a job and receive email alerts when new opportunities emerge.

For beginners, the functionality of the broader job search was only available on the mobile phones and desktop, but now Google is offering it on tablets also.

If an employer lists a specific salary, Google Search will show a comparison to the estimated range for that job if available. The comparison will help job hunters decide whether it’s worth applying for the role.

Google is adding another feature to its Google Search which will offer you filter location by specifying a distance from the desired location for example, “up to 3 miles” or “up to 40 miles.”

In coming weeks, Google is also offering a bookmark button that will allow you save jobs directly from Google Search.

Google said, “With a bookmark button alongside each posting, saving is as simple as a single tap. Then that job will appear in your ‘Saved jobs’ tabs on Google, which is accessible across any of your devices.”