All Glitter Should be Banned over Environmental Impact, Scientists Suggests

Scientists are interested in suggesting a ban on glitter, because it has a bad impact on the environment, according to reports. The glitter looks like a non-dangerous part of a fun, but scientists are warning it is dangerous for the environment.

Many scientists and campaigners advocating for the change and in the result, the ban is expected to be imposed in the United Kingdom during next year.

Most glitters are made from plastic called microplastics, and the tiny bits of particles makes it a potential ecological hazard, particularly in the oceans.

Dr Trisia Farrelly, an environmental anthropologist at Massey University said that she think all glitter should be banned because it is microplastic. Trisia also said that the pollution risk to the oceans is too great to ignore and the small particles need to be banned.

Lush Ltd, a cosmetic retailer said, “We’ve avoided microplastics by switching to synthetic mica and mineral glitter, as well as natural starch-based lusters.” “Our ingredient suppliers have worked hard to develop these plastic-free alternatives for our products, all of which are safe for the environment.”

Glitters are known as an environmental hazard and are currently a leading topic in the United Kingdom. Next year, UK will ban microbeads that are a type of microplastic found in some products like face washes, or body scrubs. The US has already implemented a partial ban on microbeads. She also said that it’s company’s positive move who have understand the threat.