Check out the Specs of Biggest Xbox One X Enhanced Games

Microsoft announced that the Xbox One X will be launched on November 7 with some new updates. The new Xbox One X will have a power for 4K gaming and video in a more compact frame for $499.

The 4K gaming has the excellent ability to serve games at the fabled 3840 x 2160-pixel resolution.  Better performance is the main requirement of the players and Microsoft has revealed the Xbox One X as the “most powerful console.” The company has compressed all the enhancements into a much smaller frame than the Xbox One with more shades of shadow and light, and the games run and look even better.

The Xbox One X also has an HDR Blu-ray player, which offers an entertainment outside of gaming. The port setup of the Xbox One X is exactly the same as the Xbox One S but the position of IR receiver and front-facing USB port, has changed. It also has Wi-Fi with a wireless receiver for controllers.

The Xbox One X updated with the powerful improvement in the graphics hardware (GPU). The GPU will work four times as hard and provide Ultra HD images.

The upgraded version produces a graphical call candy that you can see with light rays filtering through tress. You can see the eye-candy while playing an immersive story-driven game like Gears of War 4 or Rise of the Tomb Raider. You can see shadows that reflect what’s going on in the world with high-quality reflections.  The Xbox One X is four times more powerful than the Xbox One S; it’s capable, and compact according to Microsoft.