Apple is reportedly developing 3D sensor system for 2019 iPhone’s rear Camera

Apple is reportedly working to develop a new 3D sensor system for the 2019 iPhone. The sensor will provide advancements in company’s augmented reality apps and services.

The 3D sensor would work differently to the TrueDepth sensor system and it will be the big step in smartphone into a leading augmented reality device. It would be used to add depth sensing features to the rear camera using different technology.

According to the sources, the company will use the existing TrueDepth camera in the front-facing camera of future iPhones while the new system “time-of-flight” would only be added to the back-facing camera. The discussion about the new system is already underway that include Infineon, Sony, STMicroelectronics, and Panasonic.

Apple has introduced the ARKit software framework with the release of iOS 11. The ARKit software framework lets iPhone developers create augmented reality experiences into their apps.

The report also reveals that for the 3D-sensing system the company is currently pursuing suppliers.

The company was facing problems in the production of the sensor in the iPhone X’s front-facing camera because it is necessary that the components the manufacturers using in the sensor array should build with a very high degree of accuracy. The time-of-flight technology uses a more advanced image sensor than traditional one so; it will make a rear-facing 3D sensor easier to produce at high volume.

Apple’s new sensor system will probably produce precise and robust results. The rumor also says that the company is working on AR headset and it will launch the device by 2020.