Amazon Launches Augmented Reality Feature on Amazon App

Amazon announced on Nov. 1 that it’s launching augmented reality View feature in its iOS shopping app. The AR View feature shows customers, 3-D rendering previews of products. There are thousands of products available, ranging from kitchen appliances to electronics to toys.

Users can visualize the given product inside your homes before placing the order.

Customers can activate the AR View feature by simply clicking on the camera icon in the Amazon app. Then, customers can select from thousands of products, ranging from home décor to furniture to electronics, and then cover an image of the product onto their existing living area.

In the current race of AR implementations in retail, Amazon’s AR View feature is closely similar to Apple’s ARKit. The new feature will push the company in the tech space for making augmented reality mainstream. Other retailers including Ikea, Wayfair, and Houzz have also announced new AR apps for Apple’s latest operating system.

Augmented reality will give you a preliminary view of a product’s dimensions and a suitable idea of its color. And customers will get the acceptance of the product by which undecided shoppers may change their mind about the online purchase. It will definitely put Amazon in the profit era because a slight increase in a purchase conversion rate results in real revenue gains for Amazon.

The company has the potential of pushing AR technology into the mainstream of online shopping and the technology could encourage sales.