Youngsters Are Trading Their Sleep for Extra Smartphones Time

It’s the digital world but excessive use of smartphones and tablets may be keeping youngsters awake at night.

A new research found that, teenagers who spend extra time on their smartphones are more likely to be sleep deprived.

Most sleep experts agree that teens need 9.3 hours of sleep each night for their physical and mental health less than seven hours is considered as an incomplete sleep.

According to a study of more than 360,000 teens conducted by Professor Jean Twenge at the San Diego State University, in 2015, one in four teenagers slept less than seven hours a night, which is 58 percent more than in 1991 and 17 percent more than in 2009.

The research also showed that the more time youngsters spent online, the less sleep they got.

Furthermore, researchers explained that teens who spent 5 hours each day online were 50 percent more likely to not sleep enough than their peers who only spent an hour online daily.

Prof Twenge said “Teens’ sleep began to shorten just as the majority started using smartphones. Teens may catch up with naps on the weekend or they may start falling asleep at school.” “It’s a very suspicious pattern,” he added.

Twenge also noted that teens should focus on both physical and mental health; both teens and adults should consider whether their excessive use of the smartphone is interfering with their sleep. According to Twenge, it is very important not to use screen devices right before bed.