Waymo Is Launching Public Campaign to Promote Driverless Car Safety

Waymo, the Alphabet Inc.’s self-driving car unit is teaming with some of the country’s best-known safety advocates to launch a campaign called “Let’s Talk Self-Driving.”  Their aim is to convince skeptical Americans about the value and safety of driverless cars.

The ad campaign will launch first in Arizona where the company is testing self-driving vehicles, before expanding to other states. Waymo is planning to introduce its first commercial ride-hailing service, according to the report.

The campaign states that the rate of most alcohol-related crash deaths could be eliminated with the help of self-driving cars and it will also allow the blind wider access to personal transportation.

This public ad campaign expected to invite ordinary people to take a ride in a driverless car. The company declined to comment on the cost of advertising campaign.

“There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to self-driving cars.” said Waymo chief executive John Krafcik.  “As with any new technology, there’s great enthusiasm and curiosity about self-driving cars and there’s some confusion, too.” “Technology can help address some of the biggest safety challenges on our roads today,” He added.

According to recent surveys, numbers of Americans are unsure about self-driving vehicles.  American Automobile Association (AAA) found that three-quarters of U.S. drivers said that they are not sure about the safety of self-driving car.

Colleen Sheehey-Church, MADD President said, “We must look for new ways to stop old problems.” “Fully autonomous vehicle technology holds incredible potential to completely eliminate drunk driving and other causes of traffic deaths.”

Waymo is expected to launch a self-driving ride-sharing campaign in the Phoenix area this fall.